Khalid is a Deputy Head ,Leibniz University of Hannover,Germany


Deputy Head

Organizing Committee


Leibniz University of Hannover


 Hw worked as deputy head at Faculty of Engineering, Leibniz University of Hannover (LUH). After finishing my PhD in 1999, he started in 2001 to work in this department in the field of “Geotechnical Engineering” - special field: “Design of Foundation Systems and Tunneling”. I had the honor to take part in different research projects in Europe especially in Renewable Energy.


During my academic career, he published with the team in our department “Institute for Geotechnical Engineering (IGtH) more than 80 publications in the last 10 years. Almost half of my publications is listed in “Scopus”. Scopus is a date-base bank used to evaluate the scientific importance and quality of the publications based on the number of citations for each published paper.


Numerical Modeling of offshore Structures


winning “2016 Outstanding Paper Award” from the international journal “Computers and Geotechnics” for our paper “Behaviour of Monopile Foundations under Cyclic Lateral Loading”. Winning last year, “Outstanding Reviewer” for two international journals “Ocean Engineering & Ain-Shams Engineering Journal” Finally, he had the honor and pleasure to take part in the first Conference "Egypt Can" in 2016 and in the third conference "Egypt can" last February 2018.


Working as Coordinator in the University of Hannover team for a scientific cooperation between Leibniz University of Hannover – Germany & Ain-Shams University (Cairo – Egypt) (2003-2009).

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