Mohamedel Gafy is a Associate Professor,Illinois State University,USA

Mohamedel Gafy

Associate Professor

Organizing Committee


Illinois State University


Mohamed El-Gafy is an associate professor in the Construction Management Program in the MSU School of Planning, Design, and Construction, and coordinates CM accreditation. Previous to joining the faculty at MSU, he was a faculty member in the Department of Technology at Illinois State University.

Driven by the curiosity to learn, El-Gafy has been involved in a full range of intellectual and creative engagement activities that have increased his understanding of the field of Construction Engineering and Management and how it interacts with all areas of the built environment.

As a foundation of being a scholar, he has sought numerous research, teaching and service opportunities of significant scope. El-Gafy also has built a wide network of collaborators and contacts (within MSU, at other institutions and outside of the university) that share his passion.


His research main interests center around investigating and re-engineering current construction processes and their variation to maximize the value of construction service provided to customers (process owners or project clients) that would result in more sustainable products. El-Gafy is also interested in investigating the interface of technology and the management processes in the construction environment.

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